‘Why I love my job’ – four careers to consider

 We spoke to four people who love their jobs – and they’re in sectors that you may not have thought of… could one of them be perfect for you, too?

Jon Cunningham, 34, Telemarketer 
Jon’s worked in business development and telemarketing for 15 years and is now director of Hob-Nob Business Development. While many people balk at the thought of telesales and cold calling, Jon loves it.
“I knew it would be relentless, and you sometimes have to make hundreds of calls to get anywhere, but I’ve really enjoyed developing approaches that increase success rates,” says Jon. “I love the ‘anything could happen’ element to it – and the potential for hugely important relationships to form in a call is exciting.”
The best thing? “The potential for big outcomes, I love it when a challenging or hostile situation is made good.”
Clare Forsyth, 52, Private Sector Nurse 
Clare Forsyth works as the director of nursing and professions for Spire St Anthony’s Hospital in Surrey. It’s a big job with huge responsibility: Clare oversees 300 clinical staff, 100 patients and the 320 consultants who work at the hospital.
The best thing? “Every day I learn more about people and even more about myself,” says Clare.
“Yes, the hours are long, and nursing has recently gained a reputation for being unpopular compared to other professions but it can be amazing and, indeed, humbling work. After all, in what other role do you have the ability to change someone’s life as part of your day’s work?”
Richard Leafe, 31, Driving Instructor 
When Richard decided to switch careers aged 25, he thought he’d try being a driving instructor for Red Driving School – and he hasn’t looked back! “It’s far more enjoyable than I thought it would be,” admits Richard.
“Being my own boss is less hassle and I now think more about what I spend and save  because I’m in charge of my own finances. I’m also in charge of my own schedule, which is great, too.”
The best thing? “Teaching someone a life skill is incredibly fulfilling. In many cases, you’re not just teaching someone to drive, you’re also showing them a skill and giving them their independence.”
Sarah Southworth, 46, Cleaner 
Cleaning may not top the list of “most popular jobs” – but that didn’t put Sarah off from starting her very own cleaning empire, Specialised Cleaning Services.
“My job entails clearing up properties after tenants have left and cleaning it to a suitable standard for the next tenant moving in,” explains Sarah. “The job is nothing what I expected. I know the job is just cleaning, but I really enjoy it as each job is different.”
The best thing? “Seeing the finished product, especially if it was a job that was really dirty – seeing it at the end gives me great job satisfaction.”
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